Woman Reunited with Dog After Seeing Photo on Beer Can

A brewing company based out of Bradenton, Florida began featuring animals on their beer cans to help their chances of getting adopted. The campaign ended up working out better than they had hoped.

Monica Mathis of Minnesota lost her dog Hazel three years ago while living in Iowa. She came across a post from Motorworks Brewery on Facebook and noticed a familiar face on one of the cans.

It seemed unlikely at first because of the huge gap in distance, but she could not get the pictures out of her mind. She thought it resembled her old dog Hazel so much that she had to reach out and inquire about it.

As it turns out, the Manatee County Animal Services checked on Day Day’s microchip and it turned out that it was indeed Mathis’s dog Hazel. The shelter attempted to reach out to Mathis earlier, but the contact information was not valid.

Monica told KMSP, “I was so lucky. So lucky that I saw that… that she actually got picked and got put on a can, because I would have probably never seen her again had I not seen that. It’s just amazing. I am so happy.”

Hopefully, this initiative will reunite other missing pets with their owners just like it did for Monica and Hazel.

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