Widow Dining Alone Until These Men Stepped In

A simple act of kindness from an Alabama man has social media showing their appreciation. On April 18, Jamario Howard shared a story with Facebook about a dinner experience.

Howard was out with some friends and a place in Oxford, Alabama called Brad’s Bar-B-Que. He noticed a woman sitting by herself at a booth next to him.

He thought to himself how much he would hate to have to eat all by himself, so he decided to do something about it.

Howard and his friends asked the woman, Eleanor, if they could join her. She obliged and Howard and his friends sat down at her booth.

Eleanor told them all about her grandchildren and what she does with her free time, which includes volunteering at a local hospital. She also reminisced about the activities she used to do with her husband.

She said that the next day would be their 60th wedding anniversary, but he had recently passed away. Howard gave his condolences and invited her over to come eat with them.

They sat together, chatting and enjoying a meal for a bout 45 minutes. The post from Howard was shared over 50,000 times and received over 15,000 comments. People were happy to read this heartwarming story, and thanked Howard for making a positive difference in the world.

Howard explained to “Always be kind. It can go a long way for you and a long way for them.” After their dinner, he plans to stay in touch with Eleanor.

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