Where To Stream The Best Disneynature Wildlife Documentaries

Watching nature documentaries is a great way to unwind and relax. If you enjoy a good nature doc, you will be excited to know that Penguins is coming to theaters this April 17th.


Penguins, narrated by Ed Helms, focuses on a penguin named Steve and follows his journey of survival, growing up, and starting a family. Penguins is the latest nature documentary from Disneynature.

If you’re a fan of Disnetnature, you might find this list useful. We compiled a list of all their top nature documentaries and list where you can stream them. Without further ado:


Earth is the first Disneynature documentary, but was officially made by BBC and Discovery Channel in association with their Planet Earth series. Earth focuses on environmental changes and its effects on polar bears, whales, and elephants.

Available on Amazon for $2.99

Crimson Wing: Mystery Of The Flamingos

Crimson Wing follows a species known as lesser flamingos in the country of Tanzania.

Available on Amazon for $2.99


Five oceans are explored in this documentary, focusing on many different sea species such as sharks and sea lions.

Available on Amazon for $2.99

Wings of Life

With a focus on winged species such as butterflies, bees, and birds, this documentary Wings of Life is available for streaming on Netflix.

Available on Netflix

African Cats

African Cats is a documentary about a lion cub named Mara and a cheetah named Sita. Comparable to a real life version of The Lion King.

Available on Amazon for $2.99


Chimpanzee focuses on a chimp named Oscar who is abandoned and later adopted by a male chimp named Freddy.

Available on Amazon for $2.99, and STARZ


Bears focuses on a brown bear named Sky, as she protects her family from predators and the various dangers of nature.

Rent it on Amazon for $2.99

Monkey Kingdom

Monkey Kingdom follows a macaque named Maya after a tribe of monkeys take over the place they call home.

Available on Amazon for $2.99

March of the Penguins 2

March of the Penguins 2 is the sequel to the Academy Award winning March of the Penguins documentary. It follows a father and son penguin as they live their life in Antarctica.

Available on Hulu

Born in China

This documentary focuses on the life of animals in China. It is narrated by John Krasinski and available to stream on Netflix.

Available on Netflix

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