Ultimate Office Pranks To Get You Through The Day

The nine to five office life can get a bit boring sometimes. That's why everyone loves an office prankster. They know how to spice things up and make the day go by a little quicker. 

Here's a hilarious collection of some of the most clever ultimate office pranks, from the classic balloons in your boss's office, to creative ones you probably haven't seen. null

The Mysterious Moving Divider

This guy sat next to a good friend of his at work, and everyday he would move the divider a centimeter to the left. After a few weeks, the divider was almost a foot closer to his friend and he never even noticed.

Fish Tank Drawer

This guy emptied out his boss's largest desk drawer, and lined it with a shower liner. He then filled it up with water and converted it into a fish tank, complete with aquarium rocks, 4 gold fish, and a crab.

Fish Tank Drawer 2

Here's another version of the fish tank drawer prank. It's a little less intricate than the last one, but still impressive. Make sure you don't forget to feed the fish.

Fake Guy In The Stall

Normally, you'd assume someone was in the stall if you see their feet. But what happens when you come back 5 hours later and they're still there? Get a pair of shoes and some jeans and see what happens.

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