Thousands Of People Donate Knitted Bird Nests To Help Bird Rescuers

With the weather warming up recently, wildlife rescuers have been having a hard time accommodating all the injured baby birds that arrive at their shelter.

The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue of Charlotte, North Carolina posted on social media, asking their readers to consider sending in knitted bird nests to help.

Their post was shared hundreds of times throughout Facebook, and the shelter became flooded with thousands of messages, cards, and hand-knitted nests from all over.

The workers were amazed by the response, and have encouraged their readers to consider sending more nests.

“We could always use a few more and even if we don’t use them, we can send them to other people who we know that do need them,” the shelter told WGRZ.

“It really makes it a personal experience. it is a huge relief for us to get in these things and I mean you’re helping us. So we would love to be able to sort of see who’s on the other side of this nest and know you’re appreciated.”

The shelter is also always looking for volunteers to help feed the birds since the chicks require care around-the-clock.

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