These People Know How To Make The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

As the saying goes, we live and we learn. Learning from mistakes is what allows us to become better people and improve our skills. Some people handle their mistakes a little better than others, and use humor to make the best out of them.

Here are a few people who managed to make the best out of a bad situation.

Just A Scratch

This person put a Jurassic Park decal over the massive scratch in the side of their car door. That's one way to handle the situation.

Good Timing

After a terrible storm, this guy took the opportunity to whip out his remote control boat and take it for a test drive. Looks like he is having a good time despite his place being flooded.

Getting There

This guy knows he is going bald, and wanted to get a tattoo that made the situation a little more funny. We applaud this guy's humor.

World Cup

After getting knocked out of the World Cup back in 2010, a headlined in the New York Post newspaper was seen saying "This sport is stupid anyway." That's the attitude.

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