These Optical Illusions Might Break Your Brain

Optical illusions are all about creating images that can be misleading to our brains. They can teach us about our visual perception and some of its limitations. Do you think your brain can handle this collection of the most incredible optical illusions?

Impossible Elephant

One of the most popular and classic optical illusions is known as the impossible elephant or the Shepard Elephant. It is an impossible object illusion based on something called figure-ground confusion.

The elephant in this image is drawn in a way that would make it impossible to be real. The elephant's legs become part of the background, making it very difficult to try and count the number of legs or feet it has.

Big Spanish Castle

The Big Spanish Castle is an illusion created by John Sadowski that tricks your brain into seeing color. Stare at the dot for 30 seconds. After about 20 seconds a black and white photo of a Big Spanish Castle will appear.

As your eyes adapt to the inverted image you were first looking at, your brain will be tricked into seeing color on the black and white image.

Cafe Wall Illusion

This illusion has an alternating pattern of light and dark squares staggered throughout the image. As you look at the picture, you probably think the horizontal lines are crooked or curved. The four horizontal lines are actually all straight and parallel.

Bezold Effect

The Bezold effect is an optical illusion named after a German professor of meterology by the name of Wilhelm von Bezold. He discovered that colors may appear differently in relation to adjacent colors. In this particular illusion, the red on the right may seem darker than the red on the left, but they are the same shade of red in reality.

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