These Bizarre Inventions Might Change Your Life

Some of these bizarre inventions are really out there, but a few of them are actually genius. Which one of these crazy inventions do you need in your life?

Check out our collection of the most bizarre inventions that we can find. Who knows, maybe you'll find something you actually want to get for you or a friend.

Baby Mop

What better way to clean your floors than by having your baby wear a mop while they slide around on the floor? It seems like it would work in theory.

Eye Stickers

Falling asleep on the job a lot? Don't worry about it, this product's got you covered. Slap some stickers on to your eyelids and your coworkers will think you're wide awake.

Umbrella goggles

This huge umbrella comes with built in goggles, so you can finally see what's in front of you when you're rocking an umbrella. No more running into things when it's raining out.

Flashlight Slippers

If you stub your toe a lot, or are just plain afraid of the dark, these flashlight slippers might be for you. Each slipper has a built in LED light, allowing you to see where you're walking in the dark of night.

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