These Are The Worst Neighbors In The World

As the saying goes, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer", but your neighbors are usually the closest. There is nothing more annoying than having terrible neighbors, and they are more common than you might expect.

Next time you are thinking about moving, make sure you do not end up living next to neighbors like these. Some might make you cringe while others will have you laughing. Unfortunately, some might hit a little too close to home. These are some of the worst neighbors in the world.

Pool Inception

When one pool was not enough, they decided to put an entirely new pool inside of the other one.

Grass House

Some neighbors forget to mow their lawn, and things start to get a little out of control. These neighbors took it to an entirely new level. If you are living next to someone like this, make sure your pets stay on your own property, or they might get lost in the jungle next door.

Forgetful Decorators

Having a neighbor that leaves their decorations up year round due to sheer laziness can get pretty annoying. These people might take the cake on that one, though. It looks like their decorations have been up year round, for maybe a decade.

Roof Couch

You might be aware of that one neighbor that seems to always be drinking a beer. This guy's day must have went something like this: drink beer, people watch off the roof, drink more beer, fall off the roof and sprain ankle, repeat. Maybe he should stick to drinking on his porch.

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