These Amazing Signs Are All We Want To See

Signs are everywhere, and without them most people would probably be lost. Whether it be road signs, business signs, or animal crossing signs, all signs have their own purpose.

A good sign knows how to get a message across or make you take some sort of action. These are a few of the most hilarious signs from around the world we could find. Some of them made us smile, while others made us stop and think.

A Hot One

This baptist church was getting tired of having their air conditioning units stolen, so they put up a nice message for the thieves.

Turns out this church has some sass of their own. The thieves can keep a unit for themselves because they will need it where they're going.


The Canadian Memorial Centre For Peace is sharing some words of wisdom here on this sign.

If you're more fortunate than others, you should be generous and kind to others instead of shutting everyone out.

Think you know South Africa?

Funny Signs of Indian Hills Community Center