The Funniest Resignation Letters Ever

Quitting a job can go one of two ways. It can either be completely nerve-wracking or a huge relief depending on if you actually liked the job. Most people want to leave on good terms, and hopefully get a good letter of recommendation from the boss to help get a job elsewhere. It is common to give a two week notice when you're planning on leaving a job, so the company can have a smooth transition.

Some people choose to resign in a totally different manner, making the potentially uncomfortable situation something to look back and laugh at. These are the funniest resignation letters from around the internet.

Now That's Better

Burger establishments and fast food in general have some of the highest turnover rates out of any industry. It's hard to make a decent income in fast food, unless you're a manager. One staff member of Wendy's decided it was time to move on, and wanted to leave an impression. He took to the marquee and rearranged the letter to make his own message.

Drop The Mic

When someone drops the mic, it typically means they said everything they had to say, and they're done. Elizabeth Young dropped the mic in her two week notice resignation letter, and drew an actual mic drop. This is one of the most epic mic drops ever.

Resign In Peace

David Sell made his resignation letter look like a birth and death certificate, when in reality the dates listed were just his start and end date of his job. We have to applaud David's creativity on this one.

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