Taxi Driver Rescues A Passenger From A Terrible Fate

People always say you should trust your gut, but it's hard to actually follow through on that when tough situations present themselves.

Take this one cab driver for example. He made a difficult decision to act on his instincts and ended up saving a young girl's life from a terrible situation.

An Autumn Morning

A cab driver by the name of Satbir Arora was driving around one Tuesday morning doing his normal shift. He was driving through the Oxfordshire area looking for some passengers, when he came across a young girl who was hailing him down. He didn't know what was about to happen...

An Odd Request

Satbir pulled up alongside the young girl, who looked to be around 13 years old, dressed in a school uniform. She asked him to take her to Gloucestershire Station, but Satbir felt a little strange about the request. The girl seemed nervous but he couldn't figure out exactly what was wrong.

The Drive

Her destination was over an hour from Oxfordshire, and Satbir could feel that something was off. He didn't know why she would need to get to a train station by cab that was over an hour away from her home. He wondered if this girl's parents knew what was happening.


Satbir couldn't help but notice the girl seemed anxious, so he tried to start up a conversation with her to help ease her nerves and maybe find out what was going on. He started by asking why she was heading so far from home.

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