Storm Area 51 Creator Announces Alienstock Music Festival

via Alienstock Festival

According to the official Facebook event page, two million people are going to “Storm Area 51” this upcoming September. Their goal is to “see them aliens.”

Matty Roberts is the creator behind the Facebook page. He made it as a joke but it quickly went viral across the social media platform and caught the attention of millions of Facebook users from around the world. It even caught the attention of the U.S. military, which intends to defend the military base.

Obviously the event attendees won’t be keen on taking on the Air Force, but Roberts thinks everyone might instead prefer to gather for a weekend of music and art. This is where he got the idea for Alienstock.

The website claims to provide attendees with an “experience that celebrates Aliens and the Unknown.” One thing remains Unknown, and that is the lineup. The festival is scheduled to take place on September 19th through September 22nd in Rachel, Nevada.

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