Starbucks Introduces Pink Flamingo Frappuccino At Latin America Locations

Starbucks has been introducing some delicious new drinks worldwide, which can be both exciting and painful at the same time. With these delicious new flavor combinations being introduced at Starbucks locations around the world, it’s hard not to be jealous when they are not available at your local spot.

Take the Pink Flaming Frappuccino, which exists only in Latin America. It’s a colorful and tasty combo that is available for a limited time. If you are a fan of strawberries, cookies, and vibrant colors, then this might be the drink for you. Unfortunately for US residents, it’s only available in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Central America from April 10 to April 14.

We know one thing– we’ll be looking out for this delicious creation and other amazing flavor combinations from Starbucks in United States locations.

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