Schwarzenegger Offers Aid to 102-Year-Old Woman Being Evicted

Carlos Alvarez / Getty

A 102-year-old woman was being evicted from her home at the end of June 2019, which sparked a huge controversy and backlash against the landlord. Agencies and individuals, including California governor himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, decided to get involved to make things right.

In a tweet, Schwarzenegger said “Thelma has been a dear friend for a long time. Imagine doing this to a 102-year-old woman who gave back to the community her whole life. It is heartless. Thelma, I’ll be reaching out to help. Landlords, you’ll hear from me too.”

The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs is investigating the situation to evaluate whether or not the eviction notice complied with the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

DCBA director Joseph Nicchitta commented, “We will ensure the resident is informed of her rights and connect her to every appropriate form of help through our County departments.”

Los Angeles county supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said, “The last thing our centenarians should be concerned about is a place to call home. My objective is to bring all the resources the County has to bear to deliver a prompt and dignified resolution to this matter.”

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