Preschool Sweethearts Reunited After 20 Years

Everyone's heard of high school sweethearts, but have you ever heard of preschool sweethearts? Laura Sheel and Matt Grodsky met in preschool when they were just three years old. They formed a bond so strong they were practically inseparable.

But as time went on and they attended different schools, they began to naturally grow apart from each other. That is until one day many years later when their paths crossed again.

About 25 years ago Matt and Laura met at a preschool in Phoenix, Arizona. Matt noticed Laura on the playground and was drawn to her for some reason. Matt immediately knew that he wanted to be Laura's friend. He started following her around and she slowly warmed up to him. Nothing out of the ordinary here for kids this age.

Laura thought Matt was a goofball from the way he acted. Matt said in an interview with Today that he doesn't remember the first time he saw her, but that she definitely let him follow her around.

Eventually Laura realized how funny and nice Matt was, and soon enough they became best friends. They did everything together, from playing games on the playground to getting into trouble by staying up during nap time. Soon enough they were hanging out all the time outside of preschool.

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