Photographer Captures Moment Wild Orangutan Offers to Help a Man

A once in a lifetime moment was captured on film as a wild orangutan offered to help a man stuck in snake-infested water. The moment was captured by amateur photographer Anil Prabhakar while he was on a safari with a friend on the Indonesian island of Borneo.

Borneo is a sanctuary for endangered apes who need refuge in the face of poaching threats, injuries, or loss of habitat. Venomous snakes are a real predator or orangutans, so they understand the danger they present. It’s likely this orangutan knew of this and therefore offered to help this man he saw was in danger.

The man in the photo is a guard who was busy clearing snakes for Prabhakar and his friends when the orangutan offered his hand. Wild orangutans can be unpredictable, therefore the guard ended up circling through the water and getting out on his own. Prabhakar managed to snap this photo was it happened, though.

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