Oil Rig Workers Rescue A Dog Swimming 137 Miles Off Coast Of Thailand

Oil rig workers rescued a dog found swimming 137 miles out in the Gulf of Thailand. They spotted the pup swimming near their ship on the afternoon of Friday, April 12.

It swam toward their ship and grabbed on to it, and was hoisted up by a rope. The shivering dog was rescued within 15 minutes of being spotted by the workers.

Payalaw says the dog did not make any noise as the workers wrapped a rope around him to make sure the current would not wipe him away. The workers gave him water and mineral supplements to make sure he recovered from the exhausting journey.


The workers are unsure of how the dog got out that far into the waters, but luckily the waters and the wind were calm so they were able to spot him. They named the pup Boonrod, which translates to “dog rescued by merit.”

Boonrod was brought back to land the following Monday morning, and Payalaw plans to adopt him when he returns next month.

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