New Zealand Mom Donates 120 Dresses To High School

Helen Burley, a mother of one from New Zealand moved to Taranaki from Auckland with her husband and son about 3 years ago. Her son Dan had been having difficulties at his previous school, and everything changed after their family made the move.

She told Stuff “My son had been at a decile 10 school up there with 3500 boys and the teachers didn’t even know his name. He was constantly bullied and made to feel like a real failure. I was really worried.”

After joining Opunake High School, Helen noticed things starting to turn around for her son. He took an interest in engineering and math, and even got accepted into three different universities. The students and teachers at the new school were much friendlier and caring towards Dan.

Helen was thankful, and wanted to show her appreciation for her son’s new school, and that’s when she had an idea. The school had a senior ball coming up in August, and she thought she could donate dresses she had from when she owned a dress shop in Auckland.

She said “I thought I could give them to the girls in Year 13. But then I couldn’t just give them dresses, they need to have their hair and makeup done too.”

Not only did she donate 120 dresses, she also arranged for make-up artists and hairdressers to prepare the seniors for their ball on August 10th.

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