Most Creative Graffiti and Street Art

Street art comes in many different forms and not all of it is considered vandalism. For many people, it's a part of everyday life in the city and it can actually breathe life into the community. From urban graffiti to murals and sculptures, these are the most creative pieces of graffiti and street art from around the world.

All The Way

It looks like some sort of 3D sculpture, but it's actually just a beautiful piece of graffiti. Some might say this brings some new meaning to the term 'word art.'

Inspector Gadget

Some street artists have incredibly creative minds and are capable of transforming everyday objects like these power meters into works of art. This probably brings a smile to the person's face that comes by and takes readings from these.

Frogger Accident

It appears as though Frogger had a bit of an accident. Fans of the old school game will appreciate this. The artist got creative and used the street fixtures as his eyes.

Finish Him!

This one is for the Mortal Kombat fans out there. Someone transformed this construction sign into a fatality.

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