Mom Calls 911 After She Notices Her Nanny’s Strange Posts

Parents love putting their kids' pictures on social media these days. It's a great way to show your family and friends your new little bundle of joy. However, when a nanny shared a photo of this mom's daughter, the mom noticed something strange. Sometimes it's the smallest clues that can tip us off that something is not right. It looks like this nanny was about to get the surprise of her lifetime after she uploaded this picture.

Strange Vibes

Most people need to get their daily fix of social media to make it through the week. New mothers enjoy sharing photos of their newborns and youngsters as they make their way through the early stages of life.

A photo posted by a woman's nanny caught her suspicion, which caused her to dig a little deeper and find out what was going on. She noticed something very strange was looking back at her.

The Start Of It All

Back in 2010, Emily welcomed her son Blake into the world. He was only three months old when Emily realized being a mother was a lot to handle.

She realized she needed a nanny, and started her search. A short time later, she found a woman named Ashley Bemis who seemed absolutely perfect for the job. Little did Emily know, inviting Ashley into her home would change her life and many other's lives forever.

Big Announcement

This was a new gig for Ashley, and it appeared as though she had a talent for being a nanny. She thought she had found her calling in life, and found caring for children to be very natural for her.

Emily was thrilled with her decision to hire Ashley, and the two women grew to become close friends. Not long into the job, Ashley found out she was pregnant, and Emily was excited for her and knew she would make a great mother.

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