Missing Cat Remembers Owner After Six Years

A man named Jon Gulla from Indiana rescued two cat siblings back in 2012 and named them Jack and Julie. Jon love his two cats and they both became very attached to him, especially Julie.

Unfortunately, Jon had to go off to college a few months later and live in a dorm. He was forced to have his mother, Lorinda, take care of the cats while he was at school.

One day, Julie managed to sneak out of the house while Lorinda wasn’t paying attention. Julie ran down the street and Lorinda was unable to catch her.

“She just ran, and I couldn’t find her,”

“I was just beside myself, going up and down Keystone.”


Jon and Lorinda searched for the cat everywhere, but were unable to find her. Shortly after that, Jon was diagnosed with lymphoma, and suddenly finding Julie was naturally less of a priority to the family. Finding Julie was still always on Jon’s mind, though.

Fast forward to October, 2018

Jon managed to become cancer-free after years of treatment. He also got married to his girlfriend of several years. Though six years had passed, Jon and Lorinda still thought about Julie everyday.

One day, Lorinda came across a site called PawBoost Lost & Found Pets and stumbled across a post about a small black stray cat in the area. The description matched Julie perfectly.

Jon and his mother headed over to the house that the stray was apparently living under, hoping for the best. The owner of the house told them the cat was living under the shed.

Jon called Julie’s name, and she came running out from under the shed to him and started purring.

“[Jon] called her name, and she came out and came right to him.”

“She wasn’t that friendly. She wouldn’t come running up to us.”

Christine McKeon, owner of the house Julie was hiding under – YouAreCurrent

Jon brought Julie back home that day and she was reunited with her sibling Jack.

“Someone must’ve taken care of her. Her fur was soft. There is a problem with her tail, but she doesn’t look like she’s banged up or anything,” Roberts said. “I’m wondering what angel cared for her at some point, because we’ve had some rough winters.”

After six years, Julie never forgot about Jon. It’s heartwarming to know that Julie is doing well and back at home with her family.

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