Millennials Share 30 Things Generation Z Doesn’t Know About

The discussion between millennials and baby boomers seems to be never ending. Both generations love to blame each other for everything wrong in the world, and we don't know if that will ever end. While this battle continues, another younger generation is getting older. This is a group of people that were born between the mid '90s to the mid-2000s, and they are called Generation Z, or Genz.

The age difference between millennials and generation z is small, but there are many things that the latter have no idea about. We compiled a list of all the things Genz doesn't understand, and it might make you feel extremely old.

Floppy Disks

In what feels like a not so distant past, there were these things called floppy disks. Many of you might remember these ancient devices that were used to store minuscule amounts of data from computers.

Dial-Up Internet

Back in the day, cable internet didn't exist. Everyone was forced to use a thing called 56k, also known as dial-up internet. Not only were the speeds about 1/1000th the speed of cable internet, but often the phone line was shared, which meant if you have an incoming call and someone answered it... your internet would go out.

Film Container

Back before cameras stored everything on flash cards, people had to use real physical film to hold their pictures. There's now people that have no idea what this thing even is. Think about that for a moment.

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