Meet the Labrador Retriever Helping To Clean Up Beaches


Molly is a 2-year-old Labrador retriever that has been helping pick up trash with her owner since a puppy. Over the past two years they have picked up hundreds of pounds of trash from local beaches.

Molly’s owner, Fliss Cater, wanted to turn her habit into a good cause so she trained her to deposit the garbage into a trash bag.

“I’ve had Molly since she was just nine weeks old and she’s always loved picking up plastic bottles. Labradors are quite inquisitive and energetic so I was lucky that she immediately had a knack for it.”

“We’ll pick up hundreds of items every single day, and I’ve had to upgrade from small bags to massive bin liners,” says Cater. “She loves it so much she doesn’t ask for treats when she finds something, all she wants is a ‘good girl Molly’ and she’s a happy dog.”

Cater moved to Scarborough in North Yorkshire to open up a shop in 2017, and she immediately noticed a problem with trash being left on the nearby beaches. She knew she had to do something about this because it was getting in the way of her walks with Molly along the coast.


“If you live by the beach and enjoy it, I think it’s our responsibility to keep it clean,” Cater says. “In the summer it was impossible to avoid the litter—it was just everywhere.”

With some training, Molly began picking up trash with her owner all along the coastline. This included ropes, candy wrappers, toys, and plastics bottles.


Cater taught Molly some commands to help her avoid things that could harm her, like sharp objects.

“We always pick litter when we go on walks, no matter what … I can’t take credit for her great work, she’s the best dog and it’s really just the way she is.”

Since Cater’s move to Scarborough, Molly has become somewhat of a local celebrity. The Cater and Molly duo doesn’t plan to stop their routine any time soon.

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