Man Wins Lottery With Numbers He Saw In A Dream

Sometimes dreams do come true. Such is the case for an Australian man in his 40s from East Davenport who won approximately $695,000 in a lottery drawing after using numbers he saw in a dream.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, used numbers he dreamed of 13 years ago, according to a release from The Lott.

“I checked my ticket online and discovered the news. I thought one day I would see them all there. I haven’t given up on them!”

Apparently, these numbers won the man other various prizes in the past years, but nothing like the sum of money he won from this lottery. He doesn’t plan to stop using these numbers in future drawings.

The man said “they’re certainly my lucky numbers so I’ll keep playing them.” He is unsure about exactly how he will use these winnings. “With this one, I just don’t know yet. I’ve still turned up to work today!”

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