Man Saves Dogs That Were Thrown From A Moving Car

Adam and Trooper are two dogs that were tossed out of the window of an SUV by their owner.

A truck driver named Adam saw it happen, and immediately went over to rescue the dogs. Police saw Adam’s truck pulled to the side of the road with its door open, and went to see what was going on.

WBNG reports the troopers saw the truck driver carrying the injured dog Trooper across the road, while the other dog followed behind. A police K-9 unit arrived to put a splint on Trooper’s broken leg and stop the bleeding.

The dogs were taken to Broome County Humane Society, where they were taken care of.

The two dogs had to be separated for a bit because Trooper needed to be brought to another animal hospital. He ended up losing a front leg.

Trooper is a fighter, though. He eventually healed and was reunited with his best friend.

They were so excited to see each other again for the first time in about two weeks. Both dogs were adopted by a very loving couple that was chosen out of a pool of over 100 adoption applicants. Connie Miller recalls seeing them for the first time:

“As soon as they walked into the room…it was just…they’re going home.”

The Broome County Humane Society received enough donations to completely cover all the medical expenses for the dogs. On Facebook, they said:

“We have received enough donations to cover our expenses thus far which is fantastic! We will continue to provide for their needs until they find their forever homes.”


Their new owner, Roger Miller, says:

“Adam is just full of life. He just loves to play, run, fetch, catch. And Tropper’s just kind of the laid back kind of dog. He loves his partner…it’s awesome.”

In regards to the culprit who threw the pups out of their SUV, a $16,500 reward is up for grabs if any information is provided that helps lead to their arrest. There has been no official world on whether or not the culprits have been located.

But it’s a relief to know Trooper and Adam are both in the care of a loving couple.

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