Lazy Holiday Decorations That Are Actually Genius

The month of December is when many people around the world start putting up holiday decorations. It's common to see fairy lights hanging around people's houses, and maybe even some Santa Clause and Reindeer ornaments on the lawn. Some people go a little more overboard than others, and it seems like there's at least one person like that in every neighborhood.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's the people who put no effort into decorating. Not everyone celebrates the winter holidays, so that's to be expected. Some people are just plain lazy, though. Take these people for example, they wanted to spread some holiday joy in the easiest way possible. These are some of the laziest holiday decorations that are actually genius.

Stolen Decorations

This person wanted to create a little scenario as to why there's not more lights on their house. They put up an inflatable Grinch, and made it look like he stole all the lights.

For someone who dislikes decorating, this is a pretty clever way to decorate with minimal effort. We applaud the creativity!

A Little Help...

Decorating your house can be dangerous, especially when it comes to putting lights up on your roof. This homeowner made a realistic looking person hanging onto the side of their roof so it looks like he had a little accident while he was putting up the lights.

Apparently the cops made him take the decorations down, for obvious reasons, but it was fun while it lasted. It's another creative way to put up minimal decorations and still spread some holiday joy and, in this case, laughter.

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