LaCroix Announces Limoncello Flavor Coming Next Year

Sparkling water has been gaining popularity this year, with one brand reigning supreme: LaCroix. Their classic flavors like grapefruit and tangerine have long been fan favorites, but something new is coming next year. LaCroix is set to introduce Limoncello as their newest flavor in 2020.

LaCroix announced this on their social media accounts earlier this week and fans of the brand were excited to say the least. This new flavor will be different than their plain lemon flavor, and they picture the new can in front of a beautiful Italian landscape.

On Twitter, fans were tweeting their excitement at them for the new flavor. For some people, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year.

The announcement of Limoncello LaCroix already seems to be more of a success than their Hibiscus flavor announcement earlier this year. Fans were a bit annoyed by that announcement, with a majority of people claiming nobody wanted a Hibiscus flavor.

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