Kitten Siblings Adopted By Officer Who Saved Them

Two police officers from Texas responded to a shoplifting call at TJ Maxx in Arlington, Texas this May, 2019. Officer Adkins and Hillard were responding to the call, when they were flagged down by a woman asking for their help.

The woman told the officers there were two little kittens under her car. The officers wanted to help so they checked under her car and saw two small kittens staring back at them.

“They located the kittens inside the bumper where most likely the mother cat had placed them for some reason.”

Jesse Minton of Arlington Police Department, The Dodo

The kittens began meowing when they saw the officers, and seemed to know they were there to help them. Adkins reached out and pulled the kittens out from under the woman’s car and brought them over to his own car.

“The owner of the car advised she did not own a cat and had no idea how the kittens got in there”

Jesse Minton of Arlington Police Department, The Dodo

The kittens seemed to be thankful, and started showing their affection towards Adkins. They would not let go of him, and had already formed a bond with him.

Adkins brought the kittens over to the vet, and found out they were in good health, aside from being a bit hungry. Turns out the kittens were just under six weeks old.

Adkins fed the kittens formula from a bottle, and at that moment realized he wanted to make these little guys part of his family. Adkins brought them home with him that very same day, and decided he wanted to appropriately name them TJ and Max, in reference to the call he was originally responding to prior to finding them.

The Arlington Police Department posted their rescue on Facebook, which was well received by the social media community.

“Who says Firefighters are the only ones who rescue kittens? (Yes…. we didn’t need a ladder on this call….) While being dispatched to an unrelated call at TJ Maxx, the manager informed Officers Adkins and Hilliard about two kittens stuck underneath the back of a car in the parking lot. Both kittens rescued and will be going to a great home!”


This wasn’t Officer Adkins’ only good deed for the year, as he won the South District Office of the Year Award in February.

Office Adkins was not expecting this when he responded to a shoplifting call, but this was obviously something that was meant to be. We hope TJ and Max enjoy their new loving family.

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