Kansas City Man Throws Pothole Party To Get City’s Attention

A man from Kansas City, Missouri decided to throw a party for a pothole on his street. Frank Sereno has made multiple attempts to get the pothole filled by calling the city, and decided he would try a different approach to get their attention.

That’s when he got the idea to throw a birthday party for the pothole to celebrate it being three months old. Frank posted photos on Facebook showing a slice of birthday cake with a number 3 candle placed inside the pothole.

Frank Sereno, Facebook

“I thought what I can I do to have a little fun,” said Sereno. “Everyone is always complaining about the potholes, but complaining doesn’t seem to be getting anything done. So I said, I want to keep it top of mind. I know my fellow Waldo neighbors are just as disgusted as I am so I said, let’s just celebrate it’s birthday. It’s third birthday.”

Sereno’s Facebook post gained so much traction that the city caught wind of it, and finally decided to do something. The media’s attention caused the Kansas City Public Works Department to fix the pothole.

To celebrate the event, Sereno is throwing a graduation party for the former pothole.

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