Incredible Nature Photos That Are Not Edited

Nature never ceases to amaze. Each of these astounding photos is nearly impossible to comprehend, and perfectly demonstrates how unbelievable nature can truly be if you know where to look. From natural phenomenons, to rare creatures spotted in the wild, this is a collection of incredible nature photos you have to see to believe.

Tornado Warning

This woman was brave enough to pose in front of a huge tornado. The photograph was taken in 1989 by Marrilee Thomas of her daughter, Audra, on their family property. A barn was destroyed by the tornado, but thankfully nobody was injured.

Lightning at Sea

You may have heard people say it's dangerous to be in the water when you hear thunder. That's because electricity and water are a dangerous combination. When lightning strikes water, fish and other life in the waters can be killed instantaneously. Lightning contains enough voltage to easily destroy anything in its path. This incredible photo was captured just as a lightning bolt struck a body of water.

Monster Manta Ray

The largest manta ray was photographed in 1933, shown above. It was measured to be an incredible 19 feet 9 inches, and weighed over 5,000 pounds. The manta ray pictured above was caught up in a boat's anchor line. In the past twenty years, demand for manta ray gills has been on the rise. For this reason, manta rays are almost considered an endangered species, and they remain classified as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


An extinct shark species known as megalodon was up to four times bigger than a great white shark. They were known to be up to 60 feet long, and a photo of a reconstructed megalodon jaw is pictured above next to a great white shark. As you can see, its jaw alone dwarfs the great white in size. Luckily, nobody needs to worry about this massive ocean predator any longer.

Unique Panda

Pictured above is the only known living brown panda in the world, and his name in Qizai. He resides at the Foping National Nature Reserve animal sanctuary in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. It is believed to be a genetic mutation that gives him a unique color unlike the typical black and white pandas. Qizai was reported to have been abandoned by his mother when he was 2 months old.

Arctic Hares

Pictured above are arctic hares, also known as polar rabbits. They almost look like snowballs, but their coat of fur is actually a defense mechanism. In winter, their fur changes from brown to white to help them blend in with the snow and evade predators. You can find these little guys in Greenland, and Northern Canada.

Floating Boat

Doesn't it look like this boat is floating above the water? It only appears this way because the water is so incredibly clear and there are no visible ripples around the boat. This is not a Photoshop job, just an incredible shot of a boat on amazingly clear waters.

Snow Clouds

The formations of snow and ice around these trees makes it looks like the trees are in the clouds. This photo was taken in a very cold climate after a flood, when the water levels descended back to normal. Parts of the frozen surface of the water stuck to the trees and haven't melted yet, leaving behind the formations seen above.

Rift in the Sky

Pictures above is a natural phenomenon known as a fallstreak hole, or cloud hole. When the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing, but the water has not frozen yet due to lack of ice nucleation, holes like this can be formed. While it may be more fun to believe a divine power smashed a hole in the clouds, there is a logical explanation for this.

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