Heinz Launching New “Kranch” Sauce

Heinz is dabbling in some new combinations of bottled sauces, and we’re excited for ALL of them.


The brand announced today their latest creation, Kranch–it’s a combination of ketchup and ranch dressing. No more trying to decide what to put on those chicken tenders and fries, this is it. A perfect condiment for any fried foods, Kranch sauce is rolling out nationwide through the month of April, and is reported to go for $3.49 a bottle.

According to Heinz’s Associate Director of Marketing, “when we launched Mayochup, Mayomust, and Mayocue, our fans speculated on social media what they thought the next condiment mashup should be–the tweets were pouring in!”

If you’re dying for some Kranch, feel free to head over to their Twitter and respond to Heinz’s tweet to be entered for a chance to win one of 100 bottles in a giveaway.

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