Grandma Dials Wrong Number And Sparks Up Unlikely Friendship

An accidental phone call ends up blossoming into an unlikely friendship between a grandmother and a woman in need of a friend.

A grandmother by the name of Margaret dialed what she thought to be her grandson’s phone number and left a voicemail for him. It turns out she dialed the wrong number and instead called a woman by the name of Callie.

Callie gave Margaret a call back to let her know she had dialed the wrong number. The two ended up talking for a bit and Margaret realized her mistake. Margaret still made a few more attempts at the number hoping to get in touch with her grandson Barry, but ended up mistakenly leaving a few more voicemails on Callie’s machine.

As time went on, Margaret began to call Callie every week just to see how she was doing. When she called, Callie would say “hey, it’s still me” and Margaret would ask, “well, how are you doing?”

Callie was actually going through a rough time in her life, and her parents were getting divorced. Margaret’s phone calls helped Callie through a tough time by giving her someone to talk to who seemed to care.

After a year of talking on the phone, the two finally met in person when Callie drove out to visit her.

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