Graduate Student Has Maternity Photo Shoot For Her Thesis

Graduate students will tell you writing a thesis is no easy task. Curtis, who is pursuing a PhD from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, recently finished her thesis on epigenetics. It took her about 4 years to write, and she broke the new by having a maternity photo shoot with her and her thesis.

Her photos ended up going viral on social media, as many students were able to relate to the pain of writing a thesis.

Curtis told Yahoo Lifestyle that her mom wanted her to give her a grandchild or get a PhD, and she ended up getting her doctorate.

This is when Curtis had an idea to grab her baby blanket and wrap her thesis in it. She had her husband take pictures of her and her ‘new baby’ and people ended up loving it.

Curtis will be applying to post-grad positions in Georgia to study genetics of epilepsy and cranial facial defects. She noted that having babies is not something that is on her mind right now.

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