Funny Signs of Indian Hills Community Center

Six years ago, a new volunteer started at the Indian Hills Community Center in Colorado. His name was Vince and he was tasked with the job of making a bigger and better sign for the front of the community center.

Vince got started, and would use the sign to post about weddings, birthdays, and veteran events hosted at the community center. But one April Fool's Day, Vince did put up a funny sign and started a new tradition.

Now, Vince puts out a new sign every few days, some original and some not, for the locals to enjoy. Here's a collection of the best signs of the Indian Hills Community Center.


A little play on words will have drivers laughing as they pass this sign during the day. If your nose goes on strike, picket!

Reading Comprehension

Our brains like to process the entire sentence and not focus on each individual letter, which is why at first glance you might miss the error in this sign.

He Who Laughs Last

It seems like common sense, right? The last person to laugh probably didn't get the joke so they are just joining in on the laugh cluelessly.

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