Funny Notes Left On Windshields

Some people are more prone to succumb to road rage than others. The roads are already a dangerous place to be with reckless drivers and overly aggressive short-tempered drivers. While some people may act out verbally when overcome with road rage, others may take a bit more of a passive aggressive approach.

Aside from drivers on the road, the biggest culprit is probably bad park jobs. It seems like half the drivers in the world are just inherently terrible at fitting into a parking spot. Some people are so bad at parking that those around them could not resist the urge to let them know about it.

Here's some of the most hilarious notes left on windshields by enraged drivers.

Disastrous Parking Job

Apparently this person's parking skills are so lacking that someone compared it to hurricane Katrina. Most of you probably already know, but for those who don't, Hurricane Katrina was a destructive hurricane that caused catastrophic damage to New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Monster Truck

Many people have probably imagined doing something like this after witnessing mind-boggling events on the road. After being blocked in by someone, rather than have them towed, this person threatened to crush their car with a monster truck.

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