Funniest Vanity License Plates

Driving can get boring when you are constantly stuck in hours of traffic or forced to drive long distances over boring scenery. Music and podcasts can make driving more bearable, but even those can get monotonous. Luckily, some people know how to incorporate their sense of humor into every aspect of their lives.

The magic that people can create with a maximum of 7 or 8 letters is nothing short of amazing. What we're talking about is vanity license plates. These people managed to come up with some of the funniest vanity license plates around, and we scoured the internet to put together a collection of only the best.

Some of these licenses plates are a little over the top, and might have you wondering how they don't get pulled over. Others are just plain hilarious, and some will have you scratching your heads asking "why?" This is a collection of the funniest vanity license plates around.

A Bug

This is what most people say when they see a bug crawling around in their house, but this person took it to the next level and put the saying on the license plate of his Volkswagen Bug.


Can a license plate get any more metal than this? This person must be a die-hard Metallica fan to go through with this one.

The Impala

This is one of the more interesting ones on the list. It is referencing Vlad the Impaler, a medieval prince in Romania who was known for brutally punishing his enemies. This car is also an Impala, which is what makes this so funny.

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