Florida Man Donates Over 100 Generators to the Bahamas


A Jacksonville, Florida resident has been gaining attention on social media thanks to his generous act of kindness. Alec Sprague was at Costco shopping for a generator when he noticed a man purchasing 100 generators.

The man, who remains unnamed, was purchasing generators and food in bulk to send to the Bahamas as part of a Hurricane Relief Fund.

Hurricane Dorian tore through the northwestern Bahamas, causing significant damage to the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands, leaving an estimated 70,000 people without homes. Damage to the Bahamas was especially bad due to the intense storms, heavy rainfall, and high winds. Thousands of homes were destroyed and, according to the New York Post, $7B of property damage was done.

Alec Sprague commented on Facebook that he saw the man in the photo purchasing 100 generators at roughly $450 a pop, along with a bunch of food, to send to the Bahamas. Alec thanked the man and shook his hand, relieved to see there are still good people out there in the world.

The post was shared well over 30,000 times throughout Facebook, which goes to show that not all acts of kindness go without being noticed.

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