Flight Attendant Becomes A Hero After Noticing Something Unusual

Sheila Frederick is a flight attendant for American Airlines. While working her shift one day, she saw an unusual couple on the flight that caught her interest. She began to get suspicious, and little did she know, her intuition would make her into an amazing hero.

Another Day On The Job

Sheila worked as a flight attendant for over ten years with American Airlines. Her job is not what you would consider easy by any means, but she still loves what she does nonetheless. Over her time as a flight attendant, she has encountered some weird things, but this one would take the cake.

Seattle To San Francisco

On a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, Shelia noticed something a little off about two passengers on the plane...

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants have a very important job, while it may not seem that way to most people. Sure, they bring you food and pillows, but they also report unusual or suspicious situations that could potentially save lives. Over the years, Shelia had developed an amazing sense for these things.


After working somewhere for ten years, you pretty much become a master at what you do. Shelia was no different. She was able to pick up on things most people would not pay any attention to, such as this odd pair of people who boarded the flight...

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