Have A Laugh At These Hilarious Life ‘Fails’

Everyone has an off day every once in a while. We've all made a bad decision or two. Thanks to social media, sometimes these bad decisions get documented on camera for the world to see. These are the absolute best moments of people really messing up big time.

Look through these photos and feel a little better knowing you're not alone when you make a bad decision or two.

Quick Sand

This is why you don't drive cars on the beach. Sorry to break it to you, but I think that SUV is gone. It's not a boat after all.

What's Taking So Long

This is something most people can admit to doing at least once in their life. It's never a good feeling when you come back expecting your food to be ready and see this.

Good Seats

I hope this guy is a Steelers fan. Seriously, though, that is some pretty terrible design.

What Does This Button Do?

That button is for the sun roof, or more appropriately the snow roof. Thanks for that one.

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