Father From North Carolina Wins $10,000,000 On Lunch Break

A father of two from North Carolina was taking his routine lunch break before he returned to work $10 million richer.

James Belich bought a lottery ticket during his lunch break, scratched it off, and realized he had just won $10 million.

“You never expect it. You think maybe you’ll win something, but not $10 million. It’s unbelievable” Belich told North Carolina Education Lottery officials.

After all taxes and fees are accounted for, he should be bringing home around $4 million. Belich has big plans for the money, and said he and his wife will pay off all their debts and invest the rest in the markets.

He is most happy about the fact that his two sons are basically set for life thanks to these lottery winnings.

“We may buy a few extra rounds for folks when we go out, but this prize will create a brighter future for our kids. That’s what’s important” Belich said.

It is always great to see everyday people win a life changing amount of money. While most lottery winners go bankrupt a few years after winning due to poor money management skills, we think James Belich has good plans for what to do with his millions.

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