Fast Food Workers Share Items You Should Never Order

Fast food restaurants are one of those things most of us are guilty of indulging ourselves in every once in a while. These employees at America's top fast food chains shared the menu items you should absolutely never order under any circumstances.

The reasons may vary, from bad ingredients to under par quality, to just being plain overpriced. Some items are just far more unhealthy than others and some are just a hassle to make so they never turn out the way you anticipate.

Most people know fast food restaurants aren't where you should be going if you're looking for a healthy meal. But lets face it, nothing beats grabbing some fast food from time to time. These are the foods fast food employees say you should avoid at all costs.

Burger King Fish Sandwiches


When you think of Burger King, fish sandwiches are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. You probably think of their burgers, right? Well, the fish sandwich is actually one of their menu items. You may want to pass on them though, as the fish is not good quality and tends to sit around in storage for a bit longer than you'd like.

Note: the claims shown in this article are taken from a public forum and are not necessarily factual.

Taco Bell Breakfast Items


Look, Taco Bell is delicious and they have plenty of standards in place to ensure their meat and vegetables are up to par. However, during breakfast the bacon is placed next to the vegetables which can be an issue if you have dietary restrictions.

White Castle Hash Round Nibblers


Who would think that a few little hash browns could contain so many calories? Turns out a sharing bag of one of their hash round nibblers contains around 1,440 calories and 110 grams of fat! So think twice if you're ever out at White Castle and contemplating some hash browns.

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