Elementary School Art Teacher Turns Students’ Artwork Into A Dress

Rebecca Bonner is an elementary school teacher at McAullife Elementary School. She loves to showcase her students’ artwork in creative ways. For a student art show, she came up with a clever way to show off her students’ art that ended up going viral.

She provided colored fabric markers, Sharpies, and a plain white dress to her students. The students were then asked to draw all over the dress, which would later be worn by her at the art show.

Bonner mentioned the goal of the project was to get her 580 students excited about art. Her daughter, Charlece, posted a picture of her dress on Twitter and it was shared all over social media. When Bonner found out it was going viral, she was in awe!

Charlece said her mother is a huge inspiration to her, and she is currently enrolled in college to someday become a teacher herself.

I’m not worried about being famous or anything like that but I do think it’s great to promote the arts because elementary art is not everywhere. I think it’s really important for kids to have that outlet, to have that place to create, and that freedom to create.”

Interview/Good Morning America

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