Each State Summed Up In One Photo

The United States varies greatly from one region to the next. When it comes to the individual states, they all have one thing in common--they all have some weird things they are known for. This gallery perfectly sums up the unique things that make your state special.


The official fishing boat of Alabama is pictured below.

Locals can be spotted wearing an Alabama Crimson Tide shirt with some cutoff overalls trying to sell stuff on the street corner.


Just a regular day commuting to work, nothing new to see here.

These two bears are spotted n Highway 1 going at it in the middle of the road, not caring about the drivers around them.


Arizona is known for being both very hot and very dry.

The same thing that most people come to Arizona for, the hot weather and dry air, is the same thing that drives most people out.

Flight Attendant Becomes A Hero After Noticing Something Unusual

Taxi Driver Rescues A Passenger From A Terrible Fate