Cool Vintage Parents

Many people have become obsessed with vintage stuff recently, from clothing to music and everything in between. Sometimes we forget that our parents were the ones responsible for starting a lot of the trends we now love to admire.

Scroll through these photos and take a trip down memory lane with our collection of cool vintage parents. These are photos that kids found of their parents doing more awesome stuff than the kids will ever do, proving that the older generation is just as cool, if not cooler, than kids these days.

Skateboard Handstand

Someone's mom was quite the extreme skateboarder in the '80s. In the picture below you can see her doing a handstand on not only one, but two skateboards.

This is quite an accomplishment even for pro skateboarders. The person who found this photo reported that they unfortunately did not inherit the skateboarding or handstand genes.

Helicopter Pilot

In the '80s, it was uncommon to see women in the aviation field. They were not allowed to be fighters, yet here we have this amazing mom in the Army flying helicopters before women were flying combat missions.

Many people asked the poster of this image if they were in need of a step-dad. If aviation didn't work out for her, she definitely could have been a model!

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