Chipotle to Add New Vegan and Vegetarian Options

On Monday, Chipotle announced it will be adding a new vegan and vegetarian bowl to the menu.

The vegan bowl consists of sofritas, black beans, brown rice, lettuce, and tomato and corn salsas. The vegetarian bowl has fajita vegetables, pinto beans, brown rice, tomato and corn salsas, sour cream, and guacamole.

Two new vegan and vegetarian bowls. Chipotle

The bowls are an extension to part of Chipotle’s strategy to keep on par with dieting trends with products like Paleo Salad Bowl and Keto Salad Bowl. All bowls are available in-store and online.

Vegan and vegetarian options are nothing new for Chipotle. In 2014 they launched a sofritas vegan option, but the chain had trouble making the public aware of these options. After all, their most popular selling items are meat burritos and bowls.

With Chipotle’s large social following, it may be more successful in 2019 than previous efforts with vegan and vegetarian options.

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