Cats That Look Like They Are Made Of Liquid

Cats are notorious for sitting anywhere they can squeeze their furry little bodies into. As the saying goes, "If I fits, I sits." They are able to stretch and conform their body in weird ways that defy physics. It seems like the only logical explanation is that they are made of liquid.

This collection of photos shows that cats, no matter how furry or big they may be, can fit themselves into the strangest places ever.

Cat hamper

Here we have our first example. It looks like this cat has turned into a puddle on the bottom of the hamper.


At first glance, it looks like just an ordinary towel in the hamper. Look again and you'll see it's just a cat sprawled out taking a nap.

Cat bowl

Here's a cat that decides to make a bowl into its own personal bed. Cats seem to love sitting in bowls, and it helps prove our point that cats are made of liquid.


This one decided to turn into its favorite thing, a bowl of milk! But bowls are not the only place cats love to sit...

Cat container

This cat squeezed its way into some sort of container.


We are not sure if he's stuck in there, but his face seems to be saying "how about a little help here".

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