Cat Patios Are The Newest Way To Spoil Your Cats

Some people don't have a big yard or somewhere suitable for their cats to roam around. For those people, this new craze might be the perfect solutions to let your cats have some much needed fun.

They are a type of cat patio that the internet has started calling 'catios.' A business based out of Seattle called Catio Spaces is leading the trend. They have cat patio designs available for download that can be easily build using everyday basic materials.

A few people have built truly amazing cat patios that are both impressive and inspiring for cat owners. If you are a cat owner or are just simply interested in this new phenomenon, check out these amazing cat patios built by people who really want to spoil their cats.

The Purr-fect Space

This person really went above and beyond with their version of a cat patio. It has plenty of space for all three of their cats to hang out in and have a great time.

Cat Tower

This person had a good amount of space to work with and decided to make an epic tower for their cats to play on.

Cat Treehouse

This person's dad made an amazing looking tower/bridge/treehouse combo for their indoor cats to enjoy.

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