Can You Spot The Camouflaged Things In These Photos?

Sometimes things unintentionally blend in with their backgrounds a little too well. These photos might surprise you by how perfectly the subjects ended up blending in their their environments. Some of them might have you staring for a while wondering what you're missing..

Grab some popcorn, scroll down and see if you can spot the camouflaged things in these photos.

Can You Find The Cat?

We'll give you a hint, look underneath the snow on the top. To be honest, it took us a while to see it.

Cat Naps

At first glance you might only see a sleeping dog, but in reality his buddy is actually taking a nap on him.

Careful Where You Walk

This cat's coat looks just like a wooden floor. The people that live here have to be extra careful not to miss their furry little friend down there.

Invisible Wall

Is that a floating building or maybe a floating wall? This would be a bad place for a bird to fly around.

Angry Tree

Many different types of animals are naturally camouflaged to help them stay disguised from predators. Take this owl for example. He is blending in nicely to the tree.

Magic Trick

You know that trick where they saw the magician's assistant in half? This looks like that trick gone completely wrong.

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