Camping Photos That Will Make Your Day

Many people love nature and outdoor activities. One of the most popular outdoor activities is camping. It's a perfect way to escape the stresses of everyday life and take a break from the technology that surrounds us on a daily basis. Not only that, but camping is a great activity to bring family and friends together.

The people in these photos needed an escape and decided to go camping. They disconnected their phones and emails and were expecting to have a stress free weekend outdoors. Little did they know, they would experience some unpredictable situations, some of which had some funny consequences. This is a collection of camping photos that will make your day a little brighter.

Inconsiderate Driver

When you go camping, a little dirt and mud is to be expected. Things got a little out of control for these campers, though. It all went south when someone sped away in their truck.

The driver flung mud everywhere and sprayed all of the campers and their tents. Something tells me these are no longer happy campers.

No Camping

It looks like this sign is not doing what it was intended to do, considering there appears to be over 100 people camping here. The no camping sign was clearly ignored here, and a photographer saw the perfect opportunity to take a picture.

Props to the campers for not conforming to the rules and having a good time regardless of what the sign might say.

Bicycle Love

While some people might cuddle with stuffed animals or pillows, some prefer other things. This guy loves his bike so much that he brought it with him into his tent so he could cuddle it.

In reality though, he was probably worried about someone stealing it while he was taking a nap. If you ever owned a bicycle, you can probably understand the concern.

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